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Where can I find the following?

RP = Rocky Point, FK = Fort Klamath, and C = Chiloquin.  Google a business for more information.

Gas, boat gas, diesel, and propane?   (RP) Odessa Market – Gas, propane, 26200 Hwy 140;  140 Country Market- Gas, diesel, propane, 29200 Hwy 140 W; Rocky Point Resort  – Boat gas, 28121 Rocky Point Rd; Lake of the Woods Resort – Boat gas & propane, Off Hwy 140 MP 36.   (C) Crater Lake Junction Travel Center – Gas, diesel, propane, next to KLA-MO-Ya Casino, (C)Wright’s – Propane, 117 1st St., downtown.

Liquor?  (RP) Odessa Market, 26200 Hwy 140.

Beer & Wine?  (RP) Odessa Market; 140 Country Market.  (FK) Jo’s Organic Groceries and Deli, downtown.  (C) Family Food Center, downtown.

Supplies & Groceries?  (C) Downtown:  Wright’s Hardware, Clyde’s Market, Family Food center; Dollar General, Hwy 140 and S. Chiloquin Rd.; Crater Lake Junction Travel Center, Hwy 97 N, next to KLA-MO-Ya Casino.  (FK) Jo’s Organic Grocery, 52851 Hwy 62.  (RP) Odessa Market, 26200 Hwy 140 W; 140 Country Market, 29200 Hwy 140 W.   Also, camp stores at (RP) Lake of the Woods Resort and Rocky Point Resort, (FK) Crater Lake Resort.

Post Office?  Chiloquin and Fort Klamath.     Library?  Chiloquin Community Center

Doctor?  (C) Chiloquin Open Door Family Practice, 103 Wasco, 541.783.2292. No walk-ins;  (Klamath Falls) BestMed Urgent Care.

Licensed Massage Therapist?  (C) Hawaiian Island Massage, Kim Campbell Oregon LMT #25866, 808.463.1601

RV and auto repair?  (RP) Mountain Lakes Auto, 541.356.2105; Shafer Mobile RV Service & Repair, 541.591.5659.

Where can I use my jet ski and ski boat?

Lake of the Woods and Agency Lake are open to all users.  Pelican Bay at Rocky Point and the Upper Klamath Canoe Trail have speed and wake restrictions.